In memory of "Night of the Living Dead" director George A Romero Pittsburgh

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In memory of  Night of the Living Dead  director George A Romero Pittsburgh
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His influence, however, can hardly be understated. Night of the Living Dead, for all of its detractors, legitimized horror for adult audiences. Long relegated to the stature of tax dodges and weekend shoots for the burgeoning teenage drive-in market, horror was despised prior to 1969, particularly by critics who saw no value. After Night of the Living Dead, attitudes changed. Look no further than the lasting global success of The Exorcist. Romero's influence is all over that film in terms of stylistic choices on the part of director William Friedkin -- so much of the first act shot documentary style -- and the tonal choice of "this is happening, this is real, this could happen to you." Look at Stephen Spielberg's Jaws, the juggernaut that invented the Summer Blockbuster. So much of the movie has the shark unseen, a constant lurking menace, while the protagonists struggle to communicate and work with each other. Filmmakers were discovering new ways to both terrify the audience and make them question the wo ...

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