A giant Trump alike chicken appeared behind the White House on Wednesday, created a television and Internet sensation for a handful of hours, then disappeared

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There's An Inflatable Chicken With Donald Trump's Hair Near The White House

- secondnexus.com
11 Aug 2017
A giant inflatable chicken bearing President Donald Trump's signature hairstyle appeared near the White House yesterday. Aerial photos of the display show the 30-foot tall fowl, known as "Trump Chicken" or "Chicken Don," situated on the plot of land south of the White House called the Ellipse, between the president's residence and the Washington Monument.

Inflatable Trump chicken keeps an eye on White House

11 Aug 2017
This image from video, shows a inflatable chicken on the Ellipse, just south of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. The giant inflatable chicken bearing the unmistakable hairstyle of the commander in chief transfixed tourists and television cameras in the nation,Äôs capital. (AP Photo)
- cp24.com

Like Chicken Is Taunting The White House

- trofire.com
11 Aug 2017
Donald Trump might be in New Jersey, enjoying his alleged working vacation, but there is still a constant reminder in Washington DC that Donald Trump, is at least there in spirit. And that actually comes in the form of the 30 foot tall inflatable chicken with a Donald Trump hairdo. The chicken was placed across the street from the White House by Singh Brar, a documentary ...

Foot inflatable chicken with Trump's hair trolls the White House

11 Aug 2017
On Wednesday a massive inflatable chicken that was made to look like President Donald Trump -- hairdo and all -- was placed on some land just south of the White House, perfectly visible for cameras to capture, according to ABC News. The inflatable figure soon came to be known as "Chicken Don" and the five-month long process to execute the protest may have proven to be ...
- salon.com

Origin activist places giant inflatable 'Trump chicken' near White House

- timesofindia.indiatimes.com
11 Aug 2017
WEDNESDAY: A giant inflatable chicken with a Donald Trump hair style has been placed near the White House by an Indian-origin activist to protest the president's stand on releasing his tax returns, dealing with North Korea and engaging with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Activist Places Giant 'Trump Chicken' Near White House

11 Aug 2017
A giant inflatable chicken with a Donald Trump hair style has been placed near the White House by an Indian American activist to protest the president's stand on releasing his tax returns, dealing with North Korea and engaging with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Aug. 10, writes Lalit K. Jha.
- siliconeer.com

Giant Inflatable Chicken That Looks Like Trump Just Landed Near The White House

- boredpanda.com
11 Aug 2017
Though President Trump is currently working from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the action continues back in Washington. A 10-foot-tall inflatable chicken that bears a striking resemblance to The Donald, golden hair and all, has just perched itself behind the White House, and it's not just there for laughs.

Massive, inflatable chicken with orange hair is staring down the White House

11 Aug 2017
But there is more than one chicken -- protesters across the country have ordered them online. Ebay lists several available inflatable Trump chickens. A 10-foot chicken from China sells for $500 . China is, in fact, where the chicken appears to have originated.
- cbsnews.com

Why Is There an Inflatable Animal Near the White House

- variety.com
11 Aug 2017
This "Trump chicken " is the work of Taran Singh Brar , a documentary filmmaker from Orange County, Calif., who told Variety that he strategically placed the chicken so it would be in view of news cameras placed on the White House. The shots are used as backdrops during interview segments.

Giant Inflatable Donald Trump Chicken Appears Outside White House

11 Aug 2017
Here's the thing: The erection of the chicken comes a day after Trump threatened to unleash "the fury and the fire" on North Korea if the rogue nation doesn't stop its belligerent actions. So, not chicken. And the angry eyebrows of the Chicken of the United States (we almost wrote COTUS, but then didn't, for obvious reasons) makes him look like he really means business.
- dailywire.com

Kaaaawk? Activist Behind TrumpChicken Isn't Done Yet

- peoriapublicradio.org
11 Aug 2017
Apparently, it took him four months "and thousands of [his] dollars" to hatch the White House plan. (Did you think there wouldn't be chicken puns?) Getting buy-in from the National Park Service and clearance from the Secret Service was a laborious process that he suspects is intended to dissuade the average person from taking on such an endeavor. But most of Brar's mental ...

Giant inflatable Trump chicken pops up outside White House

11 Aug 2017
Taran Singh Brar, a documentary filmmaker and the organiser of the Chicken Don's latest appearance, told Huffington Post he bought it for $1300. The visual protest is challenging how "Trump is too chicken to release his tax returns... to stand up to Putin".
- dazeddigital.com

Giant Inflatable Chicken Appears in D C , and It's Not Happy About Tax Cuts

- reason.com
11 Aug 2017
On Wednesday the chicken and a clutch of supporting activists from the Tax March Coalition nested outside the White House. When those same activists and their inflated avian mascot migrated over to DuPont Circle--a couple of blocks from Reason's office--we decided to check out the bird and his message for ourselves.
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