Logo Designs for the Total Solar Eclipse

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Logo Designs for the Total Solar Eclipse

- howdesign.com
13 Aug 2017
On August 21st , the moon will move between the earth and the sun, creating the first total solar eclipse that the United States has seen since 1979. Unlike that eclipse, which was only visible in the northwest, this summer's Great American Eclipse is cross-country. From Oregon to South Carolina, 200 million people live within a day's drive of its path. And all of them are ...

Eyes skyward, Boulder County preps for brush with total eclipse

13 Aug 2017
This multiple exposure image shows the various stages of the total solar eclipse in Baihata village in India on July 22, 2009. The Great American Eclipse, which will be the first total eclipse since the United States' founding that will be seen exclusively in this country, will occur on Aug. 21. (Biju Boro / AFP/Getty Images)
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Amazing Facts You Must Know About the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st

- thedailysheeple.com
13 Aug 2017
The countdown to a rare celestial spectacle is on. On August 21st, people within the "path of totality," a 70-mile wide swath of land stretching from Oregon to South Carolina (14 states in all), will witness a total solar eclipse. The shadow of the moon will start in the Pacific ocean and travel at Mach 1.5 speeds across the continental U.S., creating an ethereal light ...


13 Aug 2017
The nondenominated (49-cent) Total Solar Eclipse forever stamp was issued only in panes of 16. The photographs on the stamp were created by astrophysicist Fred Espenak. The eclipse photo was taken in Jalu, Libya on March 29, 2006. Espenak describes the image as a "high-dynamic range composite" made from 22 separate exposures. Espenak also took the photo of the moon that is ...
- telegraphjournal.com

Epiphone Presents Limited Edition James Bay "1966" Century Model

- guitarplayer.com
13 Aug 2017
Whether it's the GRAMMYs or the BRIT Awards, platinum selling songwriter and guitarist James Bay is seldom seen on stage without his vintage 1966 Epiphone Century. The new Limited Edition James Bay "1966" Century Outfit was directly inspired by Bay's original, which was carefully photographed and measured for accuracy by Epiphone's famed team of luthiers at Epiphone's ...

Ever Photo of a Total Solar Eclipse

13 Aug 2017
But it wasn't so long ago that a solar eclipse was an even more fleeting phenomenon, experienced only by those who were lucky enough to witness it in person. That changed on July 28, 1851, when the first photo of a total solar eclipse was taken. Johann Julius Friedrich Berkowski, a Prussian known for his ability as a daguerreotypist, captured the image during a total solar ...
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Epiphone August 2017 FREE Giveaway

- epiphone.com
13 Aug 2017
The Ltd. Ed. James Bay "1966" Century Outfit is based on Bay's 1966 customized original and includes a KinmanTM Noiseless "Sweet Neck" P-90 single coil pickup, a 60s era bridge with brass wheels, WilkinsonTM machine heads, USA electronics, and a 60s era-inspired hard case. Plus, a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity, artist photo, and a recreation of Bay's own custom strap.

Total Solar Eclipse Occurs Friday

13 Aug 2017
You can also watch the total solar eclipse webcast on Space.com on March 20, courtesy of Slooh.The Virtual Telescope Project will also air live views of the eclipse through the project's website beginning at 4 a.m. EDT (0800 GMT), and it will also be carried on Space.com if possible.
- nbcnews.com

Diamond of Three Rings

- skyandtelescope.com
13 Aug 2017
Most subscribers to Sky & Telescope will receive this issue in late July, well before August 21st's total eclipse of the Sun, so I want to continue the discussion of total eclipses I began last month. I'll conclude with an eclipse that brought me the most staggering moment I've ever had in a lifetime of observational astronomy.

Old Petroglyph at Chaco Canyon Represents Ancient Total Eclipse

13 Aug 2017
And while millions in the U.S. await the total solar eclipse of August 21, it turns out that a petroglyph found in the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in the state of New Mexico reveals a similar event observed by Pueblo Indians nearly 1000 years ago.
- stillnessinthestorm.com

Top 11 maps that explain Total Solar Eclipse

- geoawesomeness.com
13 Aug 2017
On Monday, August 21, 2017, Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies above North America, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide, plunging it into darkness for over two minutes. It will be certainly one of the biggest astronomical events America experienced in years.
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