Will Apple s new Face Id security feature help cops unlock your iPhone

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A few lingering security questions about the new iPhone X

- rappler.com
16 Sep 2017
The performance of Face Id under non-ideal conditions is still unknown - for example, in a too dark or bright environment, or a face with or without makeup. After all, the iPhone X's Face Id failed to unlock the screen at the Apple's iPhone X launch. (According to Apple, this was a staff problem rather than a technology failing.)

How to Stop a Forced Face ID Unlock at Your iPhone X

16 Sep 2017
It's been a dynamic week for the Apple community. Even if you are not an Apple fan, chances are that you wouldn't have missed the hoopla around the facial recognition system for phone unlock adopted by iPhone this time around. Apple's newest star product, the new iPhone X lets users unlock their device with the application of facial recognition (called Face Id). The new ...
- pakwired.com

A miscellany of news, reviews, and whatnot

- nashfrias.blogspot.com
16 Sep 2017
Apple is on a roll as it announced the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 3. The iPhone X, pronounced as iPhone Ten, features an all-new design covered in reinforced glass attached to a stainless steel frame. Its front is almost all display, packing a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD Display, which employs OLED technology. The display has a 2,436 ...

Use Face ID unlock feature of iPhone X on any Android Phone

16 Sep 2017
Considering that this feature has been around for over three years now, it almost feels like Apple's Face Id system is a direct copy with some extra security measures sprinkled in. The way you unlock an Android device using the Trusted Face feature is exactly how it works on the upcoming iPhone X, so you're getting a glimpse of the "next big thing" well before people in ...
- droidopedia.com

Can Police Use Face ID to Unlock your iPhone X? Learn More, Multi American Security

- americansecuritytoday.com
16 Sep 2017
(All screen. Introducing Face Id so you can unlock with a look. A11 Bionic, the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. Radically new cameras with Portrait Lighting. Wireless charging, animojis and augmented reality. Meet iPhone X. Say hello to the future. Courtesy of Apple and YouTube)

How You Can Use Apple Pay with Face ID on the New iPhone X

16 Sep 2017
The new security feature from Apple that replaces Touch ID on the iPhone X will provide authentication where Touch ID normally would, and this includes Apple Pay. So whether you just bought a new iPhone X and you don't know how to use Apple Pay and Face Id yet, or if you're just interested in seeing how it's done, I'll explain below.
- 2020techblog.com

Barbara Streisand Tips iOS 10 Will Be Released

- gadgets.ndtv.com
16 Sep 2017
Now, if Cook is talking about the big iOS 10 update, then the September 30 date is a major delay from Apple's traditional launch of mid-September - or almost immediately after the launch of the new iPhone. Like previous releases, iOS 10 is expected to be launched alongside the next iPhone, and if what Streisand says is true, then Apple's earlier deadline of a September 16 ...

Apple's Craig Federighi details Face ID in new interview u

16 Sep 2017
Just like Touch ID, Apple does not retain Face Id data, that information lives in the iPhone X Secure Enclave. Also like Touch ID, raw Face Id image data is processed and stored as a mathematical model that cannot be reverse engineered back into "model of a face."
- appleinsider.com

The inside story of 'brain' of the iPhone X

- mashable.com
16 Sep 2017
The A11 Bionic is yet another important example of the incredible control Apple wields over the entire device-creation process. It's not only about the new iPhone's gleaming glass-covered chassis or the upgraded iOS 11 software. Apple thinks and works at a much deeper level and whether they're building pieces by themselves or working with partners to create its SoC, Apple ...

IPhone X basically has a Kinect on the front to enable Face ID

16 Sep 2017
It remains to be seen whether Apple's Face Id will be as convenient as Touch ID (it already failed on stage), but at the very least we can't accuse Apple of not dedicating enough hardware to the task. The front of the new iPhone X has a full-on depth-sensing system much like that of the original Kinect.
- techcrunch.com

Who's behind the coolest new feature on the iPhone X

- fromthegrapevine.com
16 Sep 2017
Called the iPhone X, it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's debut in 2007. While there are many new whiz-bang features on the phone, one in particular caught our attention: Face Id. The new technology is an infrared face scanner that will unlock your iPhone simply by looking at it. (Die-hard From The Grapevine readers will recall that we predicted this back in the ...

I'm worried that FaceID is going to suck

16 Sep 2017
Consider authenticating with Apple Pay. With a fingerprint reader, you can slam your iPhone on the credit card terminal while holding your finger on the Touch ID button, and everything will just work. You're continuously authenticating and beaming credit card data at the same time, which is easy, intuitive, and hard to mess up. According to Craig Federighi's Face Id demo ...
- arstechnica.com

Apple's Face ID will support only one registered face per iPhone at launch

- techsdelight.com
16 Sep 2017
Apple's forthcoming Face Id technology will support just one face registered per device, at least initially. This has been reported by multiple people who spoke to Apple at this week's iPhone event, and confirmed separately by TechCrunch, but it's worth noting because it could change some user behavior regarding the device.

With iPhone's New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone By Pointing At Your Face While You're Cuffed

16 Sep 2017
"With the iPhone X, your iPhone is locked until you look at it and it recognizes you. Nothing has ever been more simple, natural and effortless," Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing said in his keynote speech Tuesday. "This is the future of how we'll unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information."
- jewworldorder.org

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on iPhone X

- igeeksblog.com
16 Sep 2017
I still remember how concerned many people were about the security of Touch ID when Apple launched iPhone 5s in 2013. But once they put their hands-on it, they began to not just trust it but also consider it as an integral part of iPhone. Similarly, a lot of people doubt the security and accuracy of Face Id. I'm sure once they have given it a try, they will certainly find ...

With a 1,000 Price Tag, Apple's iPhone 8 Crosses a Threshold

16 Sep 2017
Apple declined to comment before the product announcements scheduled for Tuesday. (On Saturday, Steven Troughton-Smith, a developer who combed through the iOS 11 software, found references indicating that the new high-end phone will be called the iPhone X.)
- sooperarticles.com

Do You Know Apple's Voice Assistant Siri How Works? iPhone

- hopemyworlds.com
16 Sep 2017
There are many types of talking in this recording. For this, when Siri talk, it's like to be someone talking in front of us. Then apple slices the recording into pieces and gathered them by the different algorithm. For this, Siri can answer our any question. Siri can speak which wasn't record. Apple works to develop Siri. Hope that in future, Siri will understand us more ...

IPhone X compromising security for convenience

16 Sep 2017
You pick up your iPhone, let the device scan your face, and voil - like magic, your phone is unlocked. Better still, it's more than just a flashy gimmick to make you feel like you're in a sci-fi movie; Apple claims Face Id is around 20 times more secure than the current fingerprint-based Touch ID system.
- wandera.com

Why the iPhone X's Face ID is a terrible way to secure your data

- newscientist.com
16 Sep 2017
Family pictures, personal emails, those salacious WhatsApp messages, and even banking apps are all vulnerable once your phone is unlocked. Apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay allow you to flash your phone instead of your credit card, so theoretically anyone with access to your unlocked iPhone can spend an unlimited amount, although Android currently set a limit of ...

A few lingering security questions about the new iPhone X

16 Sep 2017
First, they say the need to input the phone's passcode instead of only a fingerprint has been added to the process of moving a phone's contents to a new computer. Second, a new feature called "S.O.S. mode" will disable Touch ID (perhaps Face Id for iPhone X) after tapping the phone's home button five times, requiring a passcode to unlock the phone.
- theconversation.com

Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus support fast charging, but at an extra cost

- bgr.in
16 Sep 2017
According to Apple's product page for iPhone 8 and iPhone X , the smartphones do mention of fast charging support onboard. And, that can only be achieved via USB Type-C cable and fast charger. The USB Type-C port is not new on Apple product as it has been present on the Mac and Mac Pro notebooks. However, Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 do not have USB-Type C port as part of ...

Before iPhone And Macs, These Apple Products Failed

16 Sep 2017
Apple likes to flaunt the creation of its revolutionary products, like the iPhone and iPod. Other upcoming Apple products seem to have fans excited, like HomePod and the 10th anniversary iPhone, both expected later this year. However, some may forget the devices the company released that didn't make it.
- ibtimes.com

Frequently asked questions

- businessinsider.com
16 Sep 2017
No. But you don't have to pay the full amount up-front. Apple and US wireless carriers offer no-interest payment plans that allow you to pay a portion of the phone monthly over a period of a year or more. For example, if you buy the 64 GB iPhone X through Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, you'll pay $49.91 per month for 24 months.

Apple iPhone X launch event

16 Sep 2017
It's up to Philip Schiller, head of marketing for Apple, to officially unveil the iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced "ten," and not "ex"). He speaks in a low, hushed tone, as if describing something sacred, and geeks out over an overwhelming amount of technical specifications and details.
- cnet.com

Apple won't be able to match iPhone X demand this year ArslandTech

- arslandtech.tk
16 Sep 2017
A common source of intel on all things Apple, the analyst from KGI Securities expects that 40 million iPhone X units to be sold by the end of the year, but that would still leave some folks wanting a bezelless iPhone without one. That, however, would simply translate into sales next year, for a total of 90 million projected unit sales. The first half of 2018 is when Apple ...

Senator Al Franken writes letter to Apple's Tim Cook on Face ID privacy concerns

16 Sep 2017
Apple (AAPL , Tech30 ) has previously addressed some privacy concerns around Face Id. The company said all facial information is stored on the device and not in the cloud, and it is protected by a "secure enclave." Face Id is also designed to prevent spoofing attempts by a photo or a mask.
- money.cnn.com

Orders begin September 22 on Flipkart

- fonearena.com
16 Sep 2017
The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays, new glass and aluminum design, new A11 Bionic chip tuned for augmented reality experience, run iOS 11, feature water and dust resistant (IP67) body and have support for Qi wireless charging as well as support for fast charging that can charge the phone up to 50% in 30 minutes. Both these come in ...

Conan O'Brien Spoofs the iPhone X and Face ID

16 Sep 2017
As Face Id is a new technology, there were several real questions about the technology following its introduction at Apple's Tuesday shindig. Folks speculated whether it could be fooled by a mask, an identical twin (an evil twin, perhaps?), a photo, and more.
- mactrast.com

Why Apple iOS 11 has a huge potential to unlock a whole new world of Internet

- deviceforward.com
16 Sep 2017
The most awaited Apple launch event is just a couple of days away (12 September), and several industries , along with the consumers, are excited for a variety of reasons. One of them - Internet of Things (IoT), with the launch of the most anticipated iOS 11 operating system update.

Why ASO Is More Important

16 Sep 2017
As Apple states , "Every element of your App Store product page has the power to drive downloads of your app or game. And with iOS 11, product pages offer more opportunities to showcase your work with additional app previews, localization, and new text fields. [...]"
- apptweak.com

IPhone X facial recognition could give cops easy access to your cell

- rt.com
16 Sep 2017
The latest Apple operating system update, iOS 11, is said to come with a 'cop button' option for users to disable the Touch ID by hitting the power button five times. This was designed to allow people to dial 911 in emergencies, but it can be used as a quick way to disable Touch ID.
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