Taliban Taliban release North American family of five captured while backpacking in Afghanistan

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American Woman, Family Freed After Five Years in Captivity in Afghanistan by the Taliban

- legalinsurrection.com
12 Oct 2017
The Taliban continue to hold other western hostages including US citizen Kevin King, 60, and Australian citizen Timothy Weeks, 48. Both men were working as teachers at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul when they were forcibly kidnapped from a vehicle in August 2016.

Family Released From Taliban After Being Held Hostage

12 Oct 2017
Two more hostages are still being held captive by the Taliban, U.S. citizen Kevin King and Australian citizen Timothy Weeks. Both were teachers working at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul when they were kidnapped in 2016. Also still believed to be in captivity is writer Paul Overby, who is 70.
- turningpoint.news

Family held hostage by Taliban rescued

- fox4now.com
12 Oct 2017
US intelligence officials believed the couple was being held by the Haqqani Network, a branch of the Taliban believed to be responsible for some of the group's most violent and sophisticated attacks. In December the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson, said the Haqqani Network held a total of five American hostages.

N American Backpackers Freed From Five Years' Islamist Captivity in Afghanistan

12 Oct 2017
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- sputniknews.com

Trump announces release of family held by Taliban

- politico.com
12 Oct 2017
Caitlan Coleman, an American citizen who went missing in late 2012 while hiking with her husband Joshua Boyle in Afghanistan, were held hostage by the Haqqani network -- a terrorist organization tied to the Taliban, a statement from the president said on Thursday. While in captivity, Coleman gave birth to all three of the couple's children.

American Family Freed From Taliban

12 Oct 2017
Previous attempts to free Coleman and family were unsuccessful. The Haqqani network had demanded the release of some its commanders held by the Afghan government in exchange for letting the family go, but negotiations stalled after the U.S. military killed Afghan Taliban leader Akhtar Muhammad Mansour in a drone strike in May 2016.
- dailycaller.com

Canadian man, family held captive by Taliban

- cbc.ca
12 Oct 2017
The Haqqani network in the past reportedly held controversial U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl , who was detained for about five years in Afghanistan and only freed when the U.S. agreed to release five suspected Afghan militants who were in detention at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In a separate development Thursday, it was confirmed that Bergdahl will enter a plea next week on charges ...

North American hostage family freed from Taliban captivity after five

12 Oct 2017
It had earlier released another Canadian citizen, following negotiations brokered by Qatar, but efforts to free Ms Coleman and her family were hampered by a confused American policy on how to deal with hostages, according to a former US special forces soldier in 2015.
- telegraph.co.uk
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