White House Aides Admit They Treat Trump Like A Child To Protect

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White House Aides Admit They Treat Trump Like A Child To Protect
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This is a big deal. This is more than just another insult Donald Trump kind of story published by Politico or anyone else who's reporting on it. This shows that those aids inside the White House, even though previous reports have told us they absolutely hate their jobs and they're terrified of Trump, they might be the only people out there preventing us from getting into World War III, from dropping a nuclear weapon on North Korea, or from an enacting some of the more horrible domestic policies that Donald Trump wants to do. If they are being honest here, which we have no reason to necessarily doubt that they are, they might be the ones preventing Donald Trump from issuing some kind of executive order repealing the Affordable Care Act or some kind of executive order repealing every environmental regulation that Barack Obama put in place.

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