A Marine Corps drill instructor has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars after being convicted of tormenting and abusing young recruits, especially Muslim

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US Marine gets 10 years for abusing Muslim recruits, taunting them as terrorists

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11 Nov 2017
A Us Marine Corps drill instructor was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for abusing more than a dozen Muslim recruits, one of whom died in 2016, US media reported. Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Felix was convicted a day earlier of maltreatment of the recruits during their basic training at the Parris Island, South Carolina base. A jury of eight fellow servicemen and women ...

Marine drill instructor gets 10 years for abusing recruits

11 Nov 2017
In this Tuesday, Oct., 31, 2017 photo, U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Joseph A. Felix, his wife, and his lawyers exit a courtroom after testimony at Camp Lejeune, N.C. Military prosecutors say the former Marine Corps drill instructor facing court-martial on charges including cruelty and maltreatment was "drunk on power" and targeted three Muslim recruits for abuse. Testimony ...
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Jury weighs sentence for abusive Marine drill instructor

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11 Nov 2017
The military jury decided Thursday that the 34-year-old Iraq veteran was guilty of maltreatment of recruits at the Marine Corps" Parris Island, South Carolina , boot camp. The jury of five sergeants and three officers decided Felix punched, kicked and choked recruits, zeroing in on three Muslim-American military volunteers he insulted as "terrorist" for special mistreatment.

Drill instructor gets 10 years behind bars for Parris Island hazing scandal

11 Nov 2017
Lance Cpl. Ameer Bourmeche testified that Felix and fellow drill instructor Sgt. Michael Eldridge ordered him to climb inside a dryer, too. This time, the dryer was turned on three times and the drill instructors only let Bourmeche out after he said he was no longer a Muslim, he said. Separately, Felix made him simulate chopping another Marine's head off while yelling ...
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Marine drill instructor gets 10 years in prison for hazing recruits, especially Muslims

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11 Nov 2017
Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Felix on Thursday was found guilty of hazing and maltreatment of over a dozen recruits at the Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. The 34-year-old Iraq War veteran was convicted of dozens of criminal counts as the eight-member jury determined he kicked, punched and choked trainees including targeting three Muslim-Americans whom he ...

Marine drill instructor sentenced to 10 years in prison for targeting Muslim recruits

11 Nov 2017
The jury's verdict marks the culmination of two years of investigations and courts-martial centered on recruit abuse at Parris Island dating to 2015. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has investigated 20 Marine drill instructors, officers and staff members amid allegations of hazing, assault and discriminating against Muslim recruits dating to 2015. Thirteen Marines ...
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