Lebanon demands return of 'kidnapped' prime minister from Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon Declared War

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11 Nov 2017
Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan told Al-Arabiya TV that Saad al-Hariri, who announced his resignation as Lebanon's prime minister on Saturday, had been told that acts of "aggression" by Hezbollah "were considered acts of a declaration of war against Saudi Arabia by Lebanon and by the Lebanese Party of the Devil".

It looks like Lebanon's prime minister is being held against his will by Saudi Arabia

11 Nov 2017
Nohad Machnouk, Lebanon's interior minister and a Future Party member, told The New York Times that Hariri had reasons unrelated to Saudi Arabia to be frustrated with the Hezbollah-affiliated government. However, Machnouk also conceded that it looked like Saudi Arabia had at least orchestrated the timing of the prime minister's resignation.
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Saudi Official views Lebanon as "at war

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11 Nov 2017
Al-Sabhan added, in an interview on the Saudi-owned, Dubai-based mouthpiece for Riyadh, Alarabiya, that "Saudi Arabia's King Salman informed Saad Hariri, the former prime minister of Lebanon who just resigned, of the details of Hizbullah's acts of enmity toward Saudi Arabia, indicating that it is the responsibility of the Lebanese government to be aware of the danger these ...

Bring Saad back' protest cancelled as Lebanon president says Hariri 'kidnapped

11 Nov 2017
A protest scheduled in central Beirut under the slogan "Bring Saad back" was cancelled on Saturday, following a circular issued by the interior ministry. The demonstration would have been the first collective show of support for Saad Hariri, who is allegedly being detained in Saudi Arabia following his surprise resignation as Lebanon's prime minister on 5 November.
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Lebanon Demands PM Return From Saudi Arabia as Tensions Rise

- bloomberg.com
11 Nov 2017
The way Hariri resigned was "unacceptable," President Michel Aoun told Saudi Arabia's envoy at a meeting in the presidential palace outside Beirut on Friday, according to the state-run National News Agency. Aoun also met with envoys from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan. The International Support Group for Lebanon, which includes Russia, the U.S., the European ...

Saudi Arabia Asked Citizens to Leave Lebanon ASAP as Tensions Escalate

11 Nov 2017
"In the light of the current situation in Lebanon, the kingdom asks its citizens living or visiting Lebanon to leave as soon as possible," Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry said on Thursday. It wasn't immediately clear whether Saudi Arabia recalled its diplomats from Beirut.
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Saudi Arabia, regional allies tell citizens to leave Lebanon

- egyptindependent.com
11 Nov 2017
Hours after Saudi Arabia began urging its citizens to leave Lebanon, Kuwait's Foreign Ministry released a similar statement . The official Kuwait News Agency reported the country is following Saudi Arabia's footsteps in recommending citizens leave Lebanon and restrain from traveling to the country.

Saudi Arabia Orders Citizens to Leave Lebanon Immediately

11 Nov 2017
NPR correspondent Ruth Sherlock observed that a Saudi travel ban on Lebanon is "terrible news" for the country because it relies so heavily on Gulf tourism, an industry just beginning to recover from the Syrian civil war. This would become an even bigger problem if more of Saudi Arabia's allies also restrict travel to Lebanon. Bahrain ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon ...
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West Asia crisis intensifies, Lebanon says Saudis have 'kidnapped

- timesofindia.indiatimes.com
11 Nov 2017
BEIRUT: Lebanon 's president called on Saudi Arabia on Saturday to clarify the reasons why the country's PM has not returned home since his resignation last week, announced from the kingdom, as the US and France expressed their support for Lebanon's sovereignty and stability amid heightening tensions between Beirut and Saudi Arabia.

Web Portal of the Government of Saint Lucia

11 Nov 2017
Accompanying the prime minister on the visit will be Hon. Sarah Flood Beaubrun, the Minister with Responsibility for External Affairs; Hon. Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, the Minister in the Ministry of Finance; and Jemma Lafeuille, Chief Economist in the Ministry of Finance.
- govt.lc

Nasrallah says Saudi Arabia asked Israel to attack Lebanon

- timesofisrael.com
11 Nov 2017
Nasrallah's comments were aimed at calming an apparently jittery population following Saudi Arabia's escalation against Hezbollah's patron Iran. The resignation of Hariri was seen as a move by Riyadh to engage in another proxy war with Iran, this time in Lebanon.
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