Led coalition says Yemeni President Saleh's General People's Congress to return to Arab fold

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President Saleh makes overtures to Riyadh

- rt.com
02 Dec 2017
Saleh's statements were welcomed by the Saudi coalition, which said it was "confident of the will of the leaders and sons" of Saleh's General People's Congress (GPC) party to return to the Arab fold. The former president's alliance with the Shiite rebels, who are presumed in Riyadh to be a proxy force of Iran, was perceived in the Arab kingdom as a betrayal of Sunni Islam.

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Fold Death Toll from Its Airstrikes

- alwaght.com
02 Dec 2017
US-Led Coalition Killed 3,000 Syrian Civilians Since 2014: Monitor US-led coalition has reportedly killed some 3,000 civilians in its three-year alleged war against terrorist group, since September 2014 when the coalition started its campaign in Syria without any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate

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Leader Lists Demands to Saudi

- sputniknews.com
02 Dec 2017
The long-time former Yemeni leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has addressed the Saudi-led coalition forces during his TV speech, urging them to turn a "new page" in relations after almost three years of the civil war by ending attacks on Houthi rebels and lifting a blockade imposed on the country.
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