Michael T Slager, the officer who shot Walter L Scott in 2015, in South Carolina, had pleaded guilty to violating his civil

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Year Sentence in Walter Scott Shooting

- nbcbayarea.com
07 Dec 2017
Attorneys for ex-North Charleston Officer Michael Slager said he shot 50-year-old Walter Scott in self-defense after the two fought and Scott grabbed Slager's stun gun. They said race didn't play a role in the shooting and Slager never had any "racial animus" toward minorities.

Officer, sentenced to 20 years in prison

07 Dec 2017
Slager's sentencing caps a winding case that followed other notable police-involved deaths in Ferguson , Missouri, Cleveland and New York , and highlights how rare it is for law enforcement officers to be convicted or plead guilty in such incidents. A bystander captured the April 2015 shooting of Scott on his cellphone, and the graphic footage was eventually viewed by the ...
- nbcnews.com

Cop Michael Slager sentenced to 20 years for shooting death of Walter Scott

- abcnews.go.com
07 Dec 2017
U.S. District Judge David Norton made the ruling after saying he would follow sentencing guidelines to send Slager to prison for 19 to 24 years. The former officer could have faced life in prison. Norton ruled that Slager committed second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

Cop Michael Slager Gets 20 Years for Walter Scott Slaying

07 Dec 2017
The shooting angered local African-Americans who complained for years that North Charleston police harassed blacks, pulling them over or questioning them unnecessarily as they cracked down on crime. But after the shooting, the Scott family successfully pleaded for calm, asking everyone to let the justice system run its course.
- lawandcrime.com

Former South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott sentenced

- washingtonpost.com
07 Dec 2017
Scott's death in April 2015 became among the most high-profile police shootings in recent years due to graphic video that later emerged . In the recording, which was captured by a bystander, the 50-year-old Scott was seen hurrying away as the officer fired a volley of rounds at the driver's back.
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