Spectre and Meltdown and iPhone Batteries and Henny Penny

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Spectre and Meltdown and iPhone Batteries and Henny Penny
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What if we considered Spectre and Meltdown in a much lower-tech context? Let's say we've been selling cars for decades. Those cars have locking doors. Then, suddenly, someone says "Hey, even with the door locked, pretty much anybody can get into any car by throwing a rock through the window." Yep. This is a true fact. You can try it yourself. (Please use your own car, however.) Now, this security vulnerability isn't exactly a "bug." It's not something that the car companies have been trying to hide from us for years. And it probably doesn't require an immediate recall of every car ever made. Unlike Spectre and Meltdown, this vulnerability has most certainly been used many times. And, unlike Spectre and Meltdown, this vulnerability doesn't require extremely specialized skills to exploit. Any six-year-old with a rock can pull it off.

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