A Louisiana teacher who spoke out about teacher pay at a school board meeting was handcuffed

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Teacher handcuffed after speaking out about pay at Vermillion schools meeting

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09 Jan 2018
ABBEVILLE, La.-- A Louisiana teacher who spoke out about teacher pay at a school board meeting was handcuffed by a law officer as she screamed on the floor while the officer tried to gain control of her in a brief struggle. In dramatic video posted by KATC-TV , the teacher yells at the officer that he'd just pushed her to the ground. The officer orders her to "stop resisting."

Teacher Handcuffed, Arrested After Asking About Pay Inequity

09 Jan 2018
KAPLAN, Louisiana (KATC) -- On Monday night, Deyshia Hargrave, an English language arts teacher at Rene Rost Middle Schools in Kaplan, Louisiana, addressed the Vermilion Parish school board during the public comments portion of the meeting to discuss teacher salaries and pay raises.
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Video Shows Teacher Arrested During Louisiana School Board Meeting

- people.com
09 Jan 2018
The footage shows a woman who identifies herself as Deyshia Hargrave -- who according to the district website is a language arts teacher at Rene Rost Middle School in Kaplan -- speaking out against a $38,000 raise for Superintendent Jerome Puyau prior to the board's vote approving the salary increase.

Viva democracy Teacher handcuffed after back talk to school board

09 Jan 2018
According to Lafayette's KATC TV, Hargrave was booked with "remaining after being forbidden and resisting an officer." Jerome Puyau, the superintendent whose renewed contract and raise Hargrave was protesting, told the news station that the school system didn't want to press charges against her. But that didn't stop Hargrave, who teaches language arts at Rene Rost Middle ...
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