Michael Wolff to MSNBC anchor on his book

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Michael Wolff to MSNBC anchor on his book
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Media critic Jay Rosen speculated over the weekend that, ironically, Wolff may have begun his book hoping to cater to the opposite confirmation bias. He may have sought insider access to the White House in hopes of producing an argument that Trump was smarter and savvier than everyone had given him credit for, most of all the mainstream media. MAGA nation would have feasted on that; instead of doing segments with Joe Scarborough and Katy Tur, Wolff would be doing the "Fox & Friends" and "Hannity" circuit. (Sebastian Gorka even let slip today that someone in the White House -- Bannon? Priebus? Trump himself? -- told him to speak to Wolff , although he declined, he says.) What he found inside the West Wing was more chaos and backbiting than he'd expected, so he wrote the antithesis of the book he'd planned, a complete hatchet job on the president and his staff. Either way, confirmation bias was going to make him rich.

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