Wahlberg 'paid 1 5m for 'All The Money' reshoot, Williams got 1,000' The Independent

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Three Cheers For Mark Wahlberg Making 1 5 Million More Than Co

- dailywire.com
11 Jan 2018
The Left is exploding with moral outrage over the allegedly "sexist" news that actor Mark Wahlberg pocketed $1.5 million for reshooting scenes in the film "All the Money in the World," when his female costar, Michelle Williams, was reportedly paid less than $1,000 for the same work. As in, Williams was compensated less than 1% of what Wahlberg took home.

Michelle Williams got paid 1 of what Mark Wahlberg got paid for 'ATMITW' reshoots

11 Jan 2018
Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes in All the Money in the World, three people familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly about it tell USA TODAY, while Michelle Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling less than $1,000. That works out to Williams being paid less than 1% of her male co-star.
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Mark Wahlberg was paid way more than Michelle Williams in the latest pay gap controversy

- washingtonpost.com
11 Jan 2018
But it turns out Williams, billed as the lead actress , got paid way less for reshoots than a supporting actor: Mark Wahlberg. As The Post's Steven Zeitchik reported in November , Wahlberg got paid millions for about 10 days of work. Williams and others earned a fraction of that.

Was Michelle Williams Paid Less Than Mark Wahlberg

11 Jan 2018
In late November, The Washington Post first reported that Wahlberg was being paid more than Williams on reshoots but noted she was still likely being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the work. USA Today's new story cites three sources confirming that, in fact, Wahlberg earned $1.5 million for the additional work while Williams took only an $80-a-day per diem, ...
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Mark Wahlberg Isn't Responsible For Ensuring Michelle Williams Gets Paid

- thefederalist.com
11 Jan 2018
Enter Scandal No. 2. Williams and Wahlberg both agreed to do more work on the film, but not for the same terms. The two stars had reportedly already been paid below their normal rate for the movie , and Wahlberg was not content to come back for union minimum. Williams, on the other hand, was under the impression everyone was doing their part for minimal pay to make the ...

Mark Wahlberg Made 1 5 Million for All the Money

11 Jan 2018
When you do some sad division, you'll find that Williams reportedly made less than 1 percent of Wahlberg's purported fee. She was paid $80 per diem for her portion of the shoot, which lasted about a week, according to USA Today. The paper writes that Williams did not know Wahlberg's team negotiated a much higher fee for the re-shoots--even though both performers are ...
- vanityfair.com

Quit Blaming Mark Wahlberg For Michelle Williams Getting Paid 1,000 Less For A Movie Re Beer Talk Inc

- beertalkinc.com
11 Jan 2018
Enter Christopher Plummer, who was tapped to replace Spacey, in turn causing film scenes needing to be re-done. So at the end of 2017 they all got together to re-shoot. However, it is now coming out that Wahlberg got paid $1.5 million to do it, Williams was paid $1,000.

Why Mark Walhberg Was Paid More Than Michelle Williams

11 Jan 2018
Wahlberg also had more extensive reshoots than Williams, as his character appears alongside Plummer's J. Paul Getty in more scenes. Ahead of production, Wahlberg, who was named Forbes' highest-paid actor in 2017, took a pay cut in order to star in the film, according to the New York Times .
- people.com

Why Michelle Williams was reportedly paid far less than Mark Wahlberg for 'All the Money' reshoot q

- cbc.ca
11 Jan 2018
And while Williams says she was happy to forgo an additional fee for the sake of the film, you don't become the highest paid actor by working for free. In 2017, Wahlberg beat out Dwayne Johnson to become Hollywood's highest-paid actor , with income of $68-million US, according to Forbes magazine.

Why Mark Wahlberg Not Michelle Williams Got 'All the Money

11 Jan 2018
Wahlberg received more than 1000 times as much money as she did because reshoots were not in his contract, according to an individual with knowledge of the deal. It's no surprise that Wahlberg's agent, Ari Emanuel, demanded top dollar: Their dynamic inspired Wahlberg's series "Entourage," in which an Emanuel-inspired agent's ruthlessness is a running gag.
- thewrap.com

Mark Wahlberg reportedly made 1500 times what Michelle Williams did for All the Money reshoots

- ew.com
11 Jan 2018
But an alleged pay discrepancy between the film's two stars, which was originally reported by The Washington Post in November, gained new attention Tuesday when USA Today revealed Wahlberg earned $1.5 million, while Williams, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, made less than $1,000.
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