U S Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra had a tense news conference Wednesday when Dutch reporters pressed him on anti

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Trump's Ambassador Humiliates Himself In The Netherlands Crooks and Liars

- crooksandliars.com
12 Jan 2018
Dutch journalists peppered Hoekstra, who became Trump's ambassador after serving 18 years as a Republican congressman from Michigan, with questions on unsubstantiated claims he made in 2015 about the chaos the "Islamic movement" had brought to the Netherlands.

Dutch Reporters Stun Trump's Ambassador By Pressing Him to Admit He Lied

12 Jan 2018
When Hoekstra, who was born in the Netherlands but raised in Michigan as a staunch social conservative, called for another question, two reporters asked him, "Why don't you answer the question?" Another told the former member of U.S. Congress, "This is the Netherlands; you have to answer questions."
- theintercept.com

State Dept Won't Disavow New Diplomat Pete Hoekstra's False Claim on Muslim

- npr.org
12 Jan 2018
The partial disavowal came a day after Ambassador Pete Hoekstra's first news conference in the Netherlands, in which he was pressed by Dutch reporters to retract the false claims he made in 2015 -- when he said the "Islamic movement" was responsible for "no-go zones" and politicians "being burned" in the Netherlands.

Trump's lying ambassador just got brutally humiliated in the Netherlands

12 Jan 2018
On Wednesday, Hoekstra dug himself into an even deeper hole at a Dutch press conference marking the beginning of his ambassadorship when reporters asked again for Hoekstra to clarify: "Are politicians being burned in the Netherlands? Is that something you believe?"
- rawstory.com

Flipboard on Flipboard

- flipboard.com
12 Jan 2018
During a news conference at the State Department's headquarters in Washington, Undersecretary Steve Goldstein told reporters that Pete Hoekstra, the new U.S. ambassador in the Netherlands, had "made comments that should not have been made" when asked about Hoekstra's statements about Muslim no-go zones and people being burned alive because of the Islamic movement.

Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell 'Blatant Lies

12 Jan 2018
In contrast to the Dutch reporters at the briefing, the White House Press Corps has been criticized for agreeing to off-camera briefings for several weeks last summer and failing to call out White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and follow up when she refuses to answer questions or responds with lies about the administration. Many political journalists have ...
- commondreams.org
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