Far Republican Corey Stewart's Completely Unhinged Final TV Ad of 2017 VA Gov Primary

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Far Republican Corey Stewart's Completely Unhinged Final TV Ad of 2017 VA Gov Primary

- bluevirginia.us
13 Jun 2018
First, for anyone who thinks the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary is nasty, check this out! LOL Second, you've got to love Corey Stewart - fired by the Trump campaign for incompetence and insubordination, also about to get crushed by "Enron Ed" Gillespie in the VA GOP primary on Tuesday - calling himself a "winner." Anyway, enjoy...or more likely not!

Corey Stewart Wins VA GOP Senate Primary After Close Race

13 Jun 2018
Prince William Board of County Supervisors chair and controversial candidate Corey Stewart won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, the Associated Press reported Tuesday evening. He beat out state Del. Nick Freitas and pastor E. W. Jackson for the nomination.
- townhall.com

E W Jackson loses Va Republican US Senate primary

- washingtonblade.com
13 Jun 2018
"Stewart will represent the Republican Party on the ballot this November in the U.S. Senate election," it said in a statement. "It was a hard fought primary, and any one of the three Republican candidates would be miles better than Tim Kaine. The GOP ticket is set for November, and the RPV plans to finish strong and retire Tim Kaine once and for all."

Medicaid expansion passes in Virginia, other states to likely follow

13 Jun 2018
After months of debate amongst Republican representatives in both the House and Senate, legislators in Virginia voted in favor of Medicaid expansion under the ACA on May 30th, 2018. The provision to expand the state's Medicaid program to over 400,000 Virginia residents was included in the General Assembly's approved budget. Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam signed the ...
- syrtissolutions.com

Fired Trump Staffer Wins Virginia Senate Primary

- dailycaller.com
13 Jun 2018
Stewart, who worked with President Donald Trump's Virginia team until he was fired in October 2016, was the favorite leading up to the contest. He narrowly lost the Republican primary for Virginia governor in 2017 to Ed Gillespie, who went on to lose the general election. Stewart is best known nationally for his connections to Paul Nehlen, a self-described "pro-white" ...
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