A massive dust storm has hit Mars and NASA's Opportunity rover is right in the middle of it The rover has shut down and is "sleeping" through the storm

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Dust storm on Mars knocks out NASA rover

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13 Jun 2018
This composite image made from observations by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft shows a global map of Mars with a growing dust storm as of June 6, 2018. The storm was first detected on June 1. The blue dot at center indicates the approximate location of the Opportunity rover. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via AP)

NASA's Opportunity rover goes silent as massive dust storm engulfs Mars

13 Jun 2018
"There's a severe dust storm on Mars that's threatening Opportunity. As a result the rover has fallen asleep and is waiting out the storm," said John Callas, Opportunity's project manager, during a media teleconference about the dust storm. "The project team is very concerned. We're watching the weather and we're listening with the Deep Space Network for signals."
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Communication lost between NASA and Opportunity rover in huge dust storm

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13 Jun 2018
NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has dropped out of contact with Earth after a huge dust storm blocked the sun, preventing the solar-powered rover from recharging its batteries, mission managers said Wednesday. The rover, 14 years past its original 90-day design life, has powered down everything but its master clock.

NASA says Opportunity rover should be able to wait out Martian storm

13 Jun 2018
Fortunately, Opportunity has advantages that your typical 97-year-old grandmother may lack. And that should help the solar-powered rover cope even though Mars' expanding dust storm has reduced its electricity-generating capability by more than an order of magnitude.
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Rapidly intensifying, possibly planet

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13 Jun 2018
It has blocked out so much sunlight, it has effectively turned day into night for NASA's Opportunity rover, which is located near the center of the storm, inside Mars' Perseverance Valley. As a result, Opportunity's power levels have dropped significantly by June 6, requiring it to shift to minimal operations and temporarily cease science operations.
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